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NAV + Total Dividends as of 30 June 2023


Dividends paid to date

Best-performing generalist VCT, as recognised by MICAP, on a four-year basis (as at July 2023), with a total return (NAV plus dividends paid) growth of over 67%.1

Puma VCT 13 is five years old and has more than £100 million in assets.

We've invested in 18 companies, and have achieved multiple successful exits.

1 Past performance is no indication of future results, and share prices and their values can go down as well as up.

Six key reasons to choose Puma VCT 13 

We know that investing for long-term tax planning is essential to our clients, to help them achieve their financial goals. We believe Puma VCT 13 offers clients six key benefits, to enable them to do this.


Strong track record


Established VCT


Diversified portfolio


Scale-ups, not start-ups


Active approach


Rigorous processes

Strong track record


Puma VCT 13 has been recognised as the best-performing generalist VCT in the market on a four-year basis as at July 2023, with a total return (NAV plus dividends paid) growth of over 67%.

Please refer to the end of the webpage for the full performance of Puma VCT 13 over five years.

Established VCT


We've launched 14 Puma VCTs since 2005, raising over £340m. As a series, the Puma VCTs have invested in 58 companies and achieved 36 exits. Puma VCT 13 has £100m+ assets, invested in 18 companies and exited two.

Diversified portfolio


Puma VCT 13 targets sector diversification, and has invested in companies spanning eight sectors for wider exposure to growth opportunities, while minimising risk from sector-specific challenges.

Scale-ups, not start-ups


Puma VCT 13 aims to invest in proven, high-growth businesses to achieve high returns with lower risk and volatility. The Company does this by going after scale-ups and not start-ups. 

Active approach


We actively partner with the companies we invest in to help them achieve their growth ambitions. Our Investment Directors have a concentrated portfolio of businesses, allowing them to take a hands-on approach and provide meaningful support. Our Value Creation team then offers guidance and commercial expertise at all levels within the organisation.

Rigorous processes


We ensure rigour through our Investment Committee, comprising of staff and independent experts. With their expertise and experience, we analyse each business, its financials, diligence program and investment structure to make informed decisions.

Tax benefits of a VCT


Investors can claim up to 30% income tax relief on VCT investments up to £200,000 per tax year, provided the VCT  shares are held for at least five years.

Any gain made when VCT shares are sold is 100% free from capital gains tax.

Any dividends received from VCT shares are 100% tax-free, regardless of the investor's tax band.

Tax reliefs are not guaranteed, depend on individuals’ personal circumstances and a five-year minimum holding period, and may be subject to change.

Example portfolio investments

Fourteen Puma VCTs have raised over £340m since 2005. They've invested in 58 companies, achieving 36 full exits. Puma VCT 13, five years old with over £100m in assets, invested in 18 companies and exited two. Browse through some of our amazing portfolio companies below. 




Pockit is a digital account provider offering pre-paid spending cards and current accounts.



HR Duo

HR Duo provides HR solutions to SME’s by integrating industry knowledge with the latest technology.




CameraMatics is a leading Internet of Things (IoT) fleet and vehicle technology safety provider.




Creating video platforms for some of the world’s leading entertainment companies.




Everpress is an online platform that enables creators to design and sell clothing to their audience.




MUSO is a data company that provides a complete and trusted view of global piracy and unlicensed media consumption.




Deazy is a software developer marketplace platform.




Influencer is a leading marketing platform that simplifies the influencer marketing process for brands and creators.




Tictrac is an insurance technology provider that has produced an advanced health and wellness app.

Diversification across eight sectors

With investments in eight sectors, we can benefit from opportunities and growth across the economy, while reducing the risk of severe loss from any sector-specific challenges. This approach ensures the performance of a single sector does not drive the performance of the entire VCT. 

The data below are correct as of 19 September 2023.

Strong track record

As of July 2023, Puma VCT 13 was recognised as the best-performing generalist VCT in the market over a four-year term, demonstrating an impressive total return (encompassing NAV and dividends disbursed) in excess of 67%.¹

We have orchestrated two full exits, including Tictrac, an award-winning technology provider. This deal yielded a return of 1.9x the initial investment, a notable achievement realised within a 25-month investment.

This success allowed the Company to pay dividends in the preceding two tax years. Over time, it seeks to achieve an average dividend payment of 5p per Ordinary Share, per year, although this may vary significantly from year to year. 


VCT five-year performance

30 June to 30 June of the year shown

Puma VCT 13 five year performance

1 MICAP, VCT performance public, period: 4 years as at 31 July 2023. 

Puma VCT 13 NAV and dividend data as of June for each year. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Share prices and their values can go down as well as up. The payment of any dividends is not guaranteed, and any such payments may erode the capital value of any underlying investment.


Early Bird offer - up to 0.5% initial fee

We are offering a limited-time discount for early investment into Puma VCT 13. Until 31 December 2023, the initial fees on all applications received will be discounted from 3% to 1.5%.

In addition, all clients who have previously invested in a Puma VCT will receive an additional loyalty discount of 1%, bringing the initial fee to 0.5%.

Fees and charges



(plus VAT if applicable) of amount subscribed



(plus VAT if applicable) of net asset value pa



(plus VAT if applicable) of the investment gain within the portfolio (net of costs)



(plus VAT if applicable) of net asset value pa

Puma VCT 13 is responsible for its normal operating costs. Puma Investments may be paid arrangement, structuring and/or monitoring fees for transactions, but these fees are not paid by the VCT.

GM and AGM results

See the results from Puma VCT 13's historical and most recent General and Annual General Meetings.

Risk Factors

An investment in Puma VCT 13 carries risk and you should take your own independent advice. You should only invest in Puma VCT 13 on the basis of the prospectus which details the risks of the investment. Below are the key risks:

Tax reliefs: Tax reliefs are not guaranteed, depend on individuals’ personal circumstances and a five-year minimum holding period, and may be subject to change.

Liquidity: It is unlikely there will be a liquid market in the ordinary shares of Puma VCT 13 and it may prove difficult for investors to realise their investment immediately or in full.

Capital at risk: An investment in Puma VCT 13 involves a high degree of risk. Investors’ capital may be at risk.

General: Past performance of Puma Investments in relation to its other VCTs is no indication of future results. The payment of dividends is not guaranteed. Investors have no direct right of action against Puma Investments. The Financial Ombudsman Service/the Financial Services Compensation Scheme are not available.

Figures on this page are taken from Puma Investments and are correct as of 20 September 2023 unless stated otherwise.