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Either no initial fee or 0% annual management fee for 2 years
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How it works

The Puma Heritage Estate Planning Service (‘the Service’) is a discretionary portfolio service that invests in private trading companies that are expected to qualify for Business Relief. Investors are able to support private companies and the UK economy whilst accessing a versatile service that aims to deliver consistent returns, together with Business Relief.

A flexible investment

The Service is designed to provide investors with maximum flexibility. If your circumstances change, you can choose to invest more money, or make a request to liquidate all or part of your portfolio at any time. Please see the Risk Factors below for more information.

Investment strategy

The Puma Heritage Estate Planning Service invests in companies whose primary objective is to generate stable returns for investors whilst mitigating risk. It does so by investing into companies engaged in first-charge lending in the real estate sector, including Puma Heritage.

We choose companies that lend across a wide range of sectors, including hotels, care homes, student accommodation, retirement living, offices and residential developments. These companies reduce risk further by diversifying their lending across different regions.

Our investment strategy targets a minimum annual return of 3%. If we don’t meet this target, we will rebate part of our annual fee to achieve the 3% minimum return.

Optional life protection

We launched Puma Heritage in 2012 and have since incorporated it into the Puma Heritage Estate Planning Service, which offers optional two-year life protection to cover the qualifying period for Business Relief.


1After the deduction of any financial adviser charges and Puma’s initial fees
2Up to 90 years and three months at the investment date
3See the Investor Agreement for full details

Key facts

Minimum investment



Discretionary portfolio service


Investments are expected to benefit from Business Relief after two years

Flexible access

Built-in flexibility, so you can invest more money or request to liquidate all or part of your portfolio at any time, if your circumstances change

Optional life protection

Optional life protection available to cover the two-year qualifying period for Business Relief

Experienced manager

Our organisation has a 20+ year track record of investing in UK SMEs


Initial: PROMOTER FEE 1.5% of amount subscribed

ANNUAL ADVISORY FEE 1%  plus VAT deferred and only paid in full if the company achieves a target return of 3% p.a.
DEALING FEE 1% on entry and exit


Risk factors

An investment in the Service carries risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Investors can only invest in the Service through a financial adviser who has assessed that an investment in the Service is suitable.

Past performance: Past performance is no indication of future results and share prices and their values can go down as well as up.

Tax reliefs are not guaranteed: Tax reliefs depend on individuals’ personal circumstances and minimum holding periods, and may be subject to change.

You may lose money: An investment in smaller companies is likely to be higher risk than other investments. Investors’ capital may be at risk and investors may get back less than their original investment.

Long-term investment: An investment in the Service should be considered a long-term investment.

Potentially illiquid investment: Private trading company shares are illiquid. They are characterised by significant spreads and low trading volumes. It may prove difficult for investors to realise immediately or in full proceeds from the sale of such shares.

Life protection: Life protection for the Puma Heritage Estate Planning Service is subject to certain conditions, if these conditions are not met in full then Puma Investments will not be paid out and so no payment will be made to beneficiaries.

Our digital application form process


To ensure our application process continues without interruption during this time, we have expanded our use of DocuSign across our entire product range. DocuSign allows all applications to be completed digitally without the need to print, scan and post.If you or your clients would prefer to complete a handwritten application, we are also happy to accept scans, provided we are still sent the hardcopies for record-keeping. Either follow the process below, or to discuss finding a process that works for you, please contact your local BDM, via email here, and they’ll be more than happy to assist.

  • To receive an application form via DocuSign, please request a secure link from your usual business development contact, or call us on 0207 408 4070.
  • Alternatively if you've got signed application forms printed and ready to go, simply scan or clearly photograph them on your smartphone and email them to us at: info@pumainvestments.co.uk
  • You can send original print copies through to us as soon as practicable thereafter.

Offers documents

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Puma Heritage EPS - Application Form

Puma Heritage EPS - Q3 2020 Report 

Puma Heritage EPS - Investment Details

Puma Heritage EPS - Investor Agreement

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