Puma Investments is an award-winning investment manager, and a leading provider of growth capital to UK SMEs and property finance to developers and real estate investors.

We are proud that Puma Investments today provides robust investment solutions for investors across the UK.

We focus on three core activities:

Growth Capital for UK SMEs: Since the launch of the first Puma fund in 1996, we have become a leading provider of Growth Capital to SMEs across the UK, backing experienced management teams with funds raised in our 12 Puma VCTs and through our Puma EIS portfolio service. 

Property Finance: Alongside funding for SMEs, we provide finance to property developers and real estate investors across the UK. Our Puma Property Finance Team lend to projects in several sectors including residential, office and hotel development schemes as well as assisted living and care homes.

Listed Equities: We are thrilled to have been named Best AIM Investment Manager over the last 2 years, reflecting the strength of our listed equities investment track record. We are excited to be launching a new product in this space soon.