Our ESG approach

Puma Investments is committed to a range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles that help us to operate and invest responsibly. Through these principles, we aim to positively impact our internal and external stakeholders and wider communities.

As ESG considerations cover a broad scope, we are producing bespoke ESG policies for each of our business areas which take into account their exposure to different opportunities and risks. The business heads for each area are accountable for implementing these policies within their division and the relevant decision makers also incorporate these policies when assessing investments or funding opportunities. 

Our ESG principles

At an overarching Group level, Puma Investments has committed to the following ESG principles which underpin our business activities. Across the five key categories of governance, environment, marketplace, workplace and community, we seek to do the following:


  • Be honest and transparent, and act with integrity in all our dealings
  • Abide by applicable laws and regulations, and uphold international standards of good practice
  • Embed policies and procedures to manage and monitor our ESG considerations and risks


  • Implement and uphold sustainable policies that minimise our environmental footprint
  • Protect the environment and use resources responsibly


  • Assess the sustainability and supply chains of the companies in which we invest and the suppliers with whom we partner, ensuring synergies between our ESG principles where possible
  • Create offers that are responsibly structured and transparent
  • Provide excellent service to our customers and shareholders, and the businesses in which we invest
  • Market and communicate our offers responsibly, clearly and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations


  • Foster a culture and workplace practices that support diversity, equality and inclusion at all levels, ensuring an environment where everyone is treated fairly
  • Look after the welfare of our employees through effective health and wellbeing initiatives


  • Support and contribute to the wider community through a range of programmes
  • Consider the impact of our investments on local and wider communities
  • Support charitable causes chosen by our employees

Drawing on external guidance

In addition to our ESG principles, we abide by the Modern Slavery Act and are proud to be a member of the Stonewall Diversity Champions Programme, the leading employers’ programme for ensuring all LGBT staff are accepted without exception in the workplace.

Puma Investments is a regulated business and subject to the Financial Conduct Authority’s rules and guidance. We will not engage with any person or entity on an internationally recognised ‘deny list’.

We consider that our ESG principles should be dynamic and reflect the changing landscape as it evolves. To achieve this, we will continue to review and update our approach wherever needed, both at an overarching Group level and within our business divisions.

You can download our ESG principles here.