Puma Multi-Strategy Estate Planning Service (EPS)

The Puma Multi-Strategy EPS is a discretionary portfolio service providing access to a range of strategies that intend to qualify for Business Relief (BR).

The Service provides a range of solutions to cater for varying return and risk profiles, drawing from Puma Investments’ deep expertise across the spectrum of BR qualifying investments, from Private Trading Companies, through to investments in AIM Shares managed by Puma Investments’ award winning AIM Team.

The Puma Multi-Strategy EPS carries risk – see Risk Factors below.

The Service

Multi-Strategy Service

You can select an investment in either Private Trading Companies, or AIM Shares, or a combination of the two

Inheritance Tax (IHT)

The investment is intended to benefit from IHT relief after a two year holding period

Experienced Team

Multi-disciplinary team of investment professionals with a 20+ year successful track record

Optional Life Protection

Optional two year life protection available to mitigate the potential impact of IHT in the first two years.

How the Service Works

Investors can choose to invest in either Private Trading Companies or AIM Shares, or in a combination of the two strategies.

Optional Life Protection

We understand that when it comes to estate planning, you want to carefully safeguard your investments from IHT. Even when investing in BR qualifying investments, IHT relief is not available until after an initial two year holding period.

Optional Life Protection

With the Puma Multi-Strategy EPS, you have the option to protect yourself from IHT during the initial two year holding period.

Puma Investments has taken out a group policy to provide you, for a fixed additional cost, with the peace of mind that should you die within two years of your investment in the portfolio companies, an amount equal to 40% of the investment will be paid.

Provided that the Insurer settles the claim and pays the proceeds to Puma Investments, we will pay the proceeds to the investor's beneficiaries, taking into account the investor's expression of wishes.

Life Protection key facts

  • Term: Two years
  • Cover: 40% of original investment1 on death
  • Maximum pay out: £300,000 on an investment of £750,000
  • Maximum age: Up to 90 years and three months2
  • Assessment: Medical exclusions apply3

1 After the deduction of any financial adviser charges and Puma's initial fees
2 Up to 90 years and three months at the investment date
3 See the Investor Agreement for full details

Private Trading Companies


The Service offers the investor the opportunity to invest in Private Trading Companies.

Strict investment criteria

Puma Investments invests in companies that have a strong reputation for providing senior secured loans to the real estate sector

No performance fees

Puma Investments will not receive any performance fees. Its annual advisory fees are only paid in full if a minimum annual return of 3% p.a. is achieved

Established track record

Puma acts as the Trading Adviser to Puma Heritage plc, which focuses on providing secured loans that are underpinned by real estate, at conservative loan to values

AIM Shares


Through the Service investors may choose to invest in a portfolio of AIM listed companies, managed by Puma Investments’ award winning AIM Investment Team.

Focus on defensive growth

Investments selected on a strict valuation criteria with a focus on defensive growth. Our approach is research driven with detailed financial analysis

Experienced Team

Puma Investments is part of Shore Capital, an AIM listed company itself, with a 32 year history.

Available in ISAs

Investing in a portfolio of qualifying AIM stocks allows investors to mitigate IHT while retaining the benefits of an ISA

Quality Companies

We seek to invest in quality companies with strong margins, good returns and a track record of cash generation

Summary of fees

Initial Charge


Dealing Charge


(applied to the purchase and sale of Shares)

Annual Fees

Dependent on allocation between Private Trading Companies and AIM Shares

  Trading Companies AIM Shares
ONGOING FEES 1% +VAT deferred and only paid in full if the company achieves a minimum return of 3% p.a. 1.25% +VAT (of portfolio value)

Life Protection Fees

OPTIONAL ANNUAL FEE 3.5% p.a. in first two years

Risk Factors

An investment in the Service carries risk and may not be suitable for all Investors. Investors can only invest in the Service through a Financial Adviser who has assessed that an investment in the Service is suitable.

Past Performance:

Past performance is no indication of future results and share prices and their values can go down as well as up.


Tax Reliefs are not Guaranteed:

Tax reliefs depend on individuals' personal circumstances, minimum holding periods and may be subject to change.


You May Lose Money:

An investment in smaller companies is likely to be higher risk than other investments. Investor's capital maybe at risk and Investors may get back less than their original investment.

Long-Term Investment:

An investment in the Service should be considered a long-term investment.


Potentially Illiquid Investment:

Private Trading Company Shares and AIM Shares are illiquid. They are characterised by significant spreads and low trading volumes. It may prove difficult for Investors to realise immediately or in full proceeds from the sale of such Shares.


Life Protection:

Life Protection for Puma Multi-Strategy is subject to certain conditions, if these conditions are not met in full then Puma Investments will not be paid out and so no payment will be made to beneficiaries.

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